Personal blog of Derek and Margaret, now living in Dominica, W.I., founders of Ozone Zone – an Independent Canadian book publisher specializing in coffee table books of architectural treasures and lush gardens. We also promote fine artistic photography. This blog contains unofficial reports and comments from our various trips, photo sessions and jobs – an unofficial scrapbook of our travels, explorations and photo-related work. See “about” for more.

I did not post anything for a while. I guess, we were really busy. Thing is, we were quite busy for a while, for a long while. sometimes too busy to see a wider picture of what’s around us.
So, lets stop for a moment and see… what really happened to us in 2010?

Last year was an enormous adventure both for Margaret and myself, and to these friends who worked closely with us.
We made new friends – some quite unexpectedly, we published two books, we received Benjamin Franklin award for our Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean, we published a limited edition Caribbean wall calendar…
We travelled to St Lucia and Dominica twice, then also to Barbados, Martinique, Grenada, Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, Mexico… you  name it! My head still spins when I think about all our flights.
I also took about 20,000 photographs, and Margaret recorded over 60 hours of interviews…
We did some fine work for top Caribbean resorts, including images, advertising brochure and a web site for an elegant hotel.
I had a photo exhibition sponsored by Polish Consulate in Vancouver, Canada (really enjoyable event!), entered two prestigious international photography competitions, and  our new book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean was accepted for two fine book competitions. We had several radio talk-shows, and displayed our titles on several Book fairs, including famous Book fair on Frankfurt, Germany. As a result of that – we signed contract with a British distributor for distribution of our titles in UK, Europe and Middle East.
We started working on another fascinating book (working title is Caribbean Architect), and we are quite advanced, hoping to publish it sometimes this year.

As we are recently waiting for some vital materials necessary to finish this book, we do have a little “time off” now.

But it does not mean we just took vacation. I am exploring and learning other styles of photography, and perfecting use of advanced lighting for portraiture and interiors. (you can see my personal site  to see my recently added photographs).

So, while I did not report anything in last two months, hopefully my new images on the above web site will compensate you for my silence. Been busy, sorry.
2010 had been a Ride Of Our Lifetime!
I will keep in touch though, and for now I am posting Margaret’s newest portrait we just did over this weekend. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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