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Jamaica Observer – my photos from Secret Bay, Dominica

Just weeks ago we returned home from the Caribbean, photographing some gardens and architecture. Among other projects, we photographed a brand new, amazingly beautiful luxury eco lodge in Dominica – Secret Bay  (
And, just last weekend the Secret Bay was featured in Jamaica as one of Top Caribbean Destinations.
We love that place, and it was good to see that – just a month after official opening – they already receive publicity! It was also nice to see my photos contributing to the story.

By the way – after contributing three times to Real Life Caribbean Magazine, and twice to the Zing magazine in one year, now my photos are in Jamaica Observer. It makes my contributions to Caribbean publications a regular thing, all over the region. Nice.

My photo at IGPOTY International exhibition at Kew Gardens, UK.

I just received snapshots from England showing my photo being used on large posters of IGPOTY Exhibition at Kew Gardens.
As I mentioned earlier in one of my posts that my photo from “Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean” won there – and then it was picked as a flag image of the exhibition – I thought you may like seeing it.  Here are snaps. Thank you to Philip Smith from IGPOTY for kindly taking and sending them to me.

My new photo blog for fellow photographers

just a note that I launched a new blog, where I share photography tips, my 40 years worth of experience with various photography, equipment I use (or don’t use), and more.
It is not an official review site, but rather my private, unofficial comments designed to help fellow photographers. I hope my humble contribution may help save some of you money, stress, and make better choices when buying equipment or taking photos. I plan to add material there regularly, so it will grow.

You can see it at

On this photo: beautiful Emerald Pool waterfalls in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean. I just love this place…

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Exhibition at Kew Gardens, photos from Barbados….


and next photo are from the picturesque Bathsheba beach. Quite a view! Makes me want to go back!I just shared these with friends via facebook, and want to add the note here:
Being one of winners at International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2010 (by KEW Gardens, London, UK), I was to receive a free copy of their book showing all awarded photos. I received it today – and just saw they picked my photo for front cover! It is a fish pond in Sunnyside garden, Grenada, my winning photo. But to be picked for cover – is like getting another award. Nice surprise!

Another thing –while in Barbados, I found an inexpensive accommodation for rent right at the beach… just look at the photo.    No, seriously – isn’t it amazingly surreal? I love it! These two photos are from the picturesque Bathsheba beach. Quite a view! Makes me want to go back! Cheers! Until next time!

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