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While we are overwhelmed by gloomy world news on Libya, Japanese earthquake and radiation leak, it is hard to find proper balance and think of smaller everyday things. At least for me. The painful inaction and split of European leaders over Libya is for me hard to comprehend, making me feel ashamed of being from Europe.

But still, small things around us happen, and I want to report on them, sharing couple of updates with you.
So, i need to mention two things.  Just recently i wrote about an award in UK one of my photographs received.
The photograph was  from our Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean book,  and just yesterday we received news that this book was qualified as a finalist of The Best Book Of The Year Awards competition organized yearly in USA for independently published books.
Winners will be announced in June, but for now we are happy to know we are finalists!

We are entering final stage of work on our next book, The Caribbean Architect. But, working on it from Victoria and not travelling extensively within next few month gave me some flexibility with time. Therefore I decided to offer my photography services to our community – offering art portraits  and other styles of work to interested clients in Victoria. Details are on my personal web site   and also for more intimate kinds of photography.

Additionally, i decided to offer my specialized services of architecture photography for these real estate agents and  home sellers who appreciate the fact that good photography can make the whole difference between customers being interested or not.  For that service, i created another web page

Thank you, and until next time! Cheers!

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