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Nice news – Southampton International 2012

A short note to share good news. Five of my photographs were just accepted for the prestigious Southampton International Photo Exhibition -2012 (in UK) – one of the oldest Photo Salons in the world. Additionally, one of these five photographs got awarded. It is even a more nice news when considering that around 15,000 entries from all around the world were judged.
Here are small copies of my qualified images.

For I Know Your Sins

Sinister Kabuki

Unfinished Solo

Handful of Rice

Awarded image: Volta

It is official – we work on our next Caribbean title

Following the success of our first two big, heavy Caribbean books and keen interest in our next upcoming title – we decided to work on yet another Caribbean title.
Here is more:
As many of you already knows Tropical Homes of theEastern Caribbean and Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean won several international awards – Benjamin Franklin and Nautilus – to name just couple of them. Enthusiastic reviews and features in major magazines, endorsements from the world of media and art added to their visibility and success. But most importantly – they sell, which is the best proof of their popularity. On the little island of Barbados alone they already sold in four-digit numbers, and are available in virtually every book store.
Fish market scene – Barbados
Our next upcoming book “The Caribbean Architect” presenting works by renowned Lane Pettigrew around the Caribbean region – already found itself in major features of several magazines – long before the title will officially launch.

Therefore it is only logical that we should continue our work, which – as it happens – is also our passion. We decided to start perhaps a series of smaller soft cover books. Each will highlight a different island, but won’t be limited to only architecture or gardens as it was the case with our previous coffee table books. They will be colourful kaleidoscopes showing local traditions, landmarks, beautiful landscape and nature – as well as selected fine homes and gardens loved by locals and tourists. Filled with colourful photographs and lively stories they will give a taste of all the best each island has to offer.

Little Bay in north of Barbados
First of these lively stories will be devoted to Barbados – the island which clearly showed the most interest in our publications. We plan to continue the series with highlights of other islands – but that will be the news later on, some other time.

For now we are happy to officially say – we are working on Highlights of Barbados, and we thank all of you who showed support and appreciation for our coffee table books.
During our latest Caribbean trip we photographed Barbados life extensively, and we plan to return there soon for more stories and pictures…
Hunte’s Gardens – Barbados

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Thank you for now, cheers!

Derek and Margaret

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