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A nice surprise for us!

Thank you to all Canadian readers who ordered recently Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean from Amazon.
I just stumbled on Amazon’s page showing current bestsellers, and saw our book as #1 today in category of Architecture books! And – that is despite the fact the the book is at the moment out of stock, and will be back in stock in just a few days.
Really nice to see our “baby” doing so well!

The story from Canada’s capital paper, Ottawa Citizen, was just reprinted in several other Canadian papers, including Calgary Herald. Thank you, Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna!

…and it landed in another blog…

and here comes another review…

As said yesterday, we expected another review of Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean soon.
and, here it is. This one is interesting, because it is in EGO – a bilingual magazine in Montreal. So, the story is written in English
as well as in French.
Well, it only makes sense, as our book is Bilingual too, having English and French texts – with the Caribbean , as well as Canadian and European readers in mind.
And, the Ottawa Citizen feature had been reprinted in the Windsor Star

A pleasant surprise – I just saw on Google that on this book was in top 3 ” hot  architectural releases” category! Thanks, UK!

Until next post, cheers!

New review…

Hi everybody,
just a quick note to say our book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean is doing fine. First Amazon’s stock order from our US distributor sold so quickly that Amazon was left without, and had to put “temporarily out of stock” note!
Don’t worry, more stock will reach them very soon.
And first reviews start to show in various media.
Here is one from Ottawa Citizen:

There will be more very soon, and i will try to post links to them here for you.

Well, it was re-published in Kelowna

Ah, and here is a post from another blog…

Thanks for your interest, cheers!

Lex’ new Web site

Hello again,

Things start to roll with our book. It is now available internationally on all major book Web sites , and shipments are on the way to many book stores in Canada and USA. and run now a special promo price – which is simply unbeatable even by us!
We have quite a bit of interest from media, including some really fine magazines. I will post more info later. Work goes well with our next book on Tropical Gardens, and I will soon post some pics from it.

For now- I would like to invite you to visit new site of our creative team member – Lex Nowak.
He is a veteran of photography, who started when black and white was the usual option.
Now, he specializes in fine panoramas, and has a really great technical knowledge of many photography aspects.
His new site is WordPress powered, and his blog will include tips and comments about different equipment and methods he recommends. Worthy checking!
Well, he shared his ideas with us when we worked on this book, significantly adding to overall quality of our work. Just check him out. Lex Nowak site is

I hope you will enjoy! It is him at work…

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