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Vote for Miss World 2010!

Huge cruise ship seen from streets of Roseau, Dominica.

Hello everyone, we came back almost a week ago, but were so overwhelmed with all work awaiting us, that I had no chance to write.
We have plenty of good photographs, and also managed to see some of beautiful nature gems of Dominica, the Nature Island. A very good trip.

While in St Lucia we learned that a gorgeous, nice, finely educated and lovely daughter of our friend there (see photo) was just voted Miss St Lucia – and now is in China competing to be Miss World 2010! Actually, she is at the very top now. I am not surprised, she is great. Please help her with your vote!
People’s Choice voting ends on 31st of October, and she is in the 2nd place!
Just visit scroll down, select St Lucia – Aiasha Gustave, and submit your vote!
You can also check her on Google, lots of info on her. Thank you! Until next time!

First comments on our Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean book…

as tonight we are heading once more to the Caribbean, to take more material for our upcoming book The Caribbean Architect – I just would like to quickly share with you first comments and endorsements our Exotic gardens book already received.
The very first endorsement came from a very prestigious couple: Robert Bateman and Birgit Bateman – renowned, highly acclaimed artists. To receive following comment from them is indeed a priviledge:
“We quickly have taken a few moments to look at your book.  It really does look so impressive.  We know that we will thoroughly enjoy looking at each page carefully.  It looks like a labour of love, and you have every right to be proud of it.  And it’s amazing that this is bilingual too. Just on the first flipping through, we are already overwhelmed by the images and thoughts. Congratulations!”
Birgit Freybe Bateman and Robert Bateman

Another enthusiastic comment arrived this morning from a veteran of gardening, landscape designer and host of known radio talk show Garden Rebel , Vince Sims. Knowing his extensive experience in gardening and landscaping makes his comment even more valuable to us:”I just received your book a few hours ago on my live local show. I am excited as I think this is the best garden coffee book ever written! I mean the book is beyond words. I would like to have you on by phone as soon as tomorrow. Please call me direct as soon as possible as you will be a great fit for the show. I am savoring the book page by page and really respect and admire the layout.”
Unfortunately we are flying away tonight, but we will be in touch after return, and our book should be featured  in one of his fine Garden Rebel talk shows, perhaps closer to the end of October, at AM 580 WDBO radio in Florida, broadcasting through many regions of USA (and also available on internet).

These are all good news for the moment, i better get back to packing now. I will try to post something from the Caribbean. Until next time. Cheers!

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