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What’s Next? Quick Update On Our Works…

Just recently I shared with you the news about our book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean winning prestigious Nautilus Book Award 2011. Thank you to all of you who sent congratulations, we are both humbled and thrilled. This book is now being reviewed in France, and our distribution network spreads to UK and Europe, including fine British bookstore chain Waterstones.

So, what’s next? What are we working on right now, one may ask. Well, as always – we keep busy.

We had to postpone planned photo trips to the Middle East. As you may know from our website, we planned to publish a book on Arabic life-style and architecture, with materials from Syria, Jordan, Yemen and other countries. Unfortunately, current situation in that region does not allow for free travel and photographing, and we feel for all brave people there, pursuing their dream for better life. So, that book will have to wait a bit.

In the meantime we are still working on our next book, “The Caribbean Architect”, and we will soon visit the Caribbean region again to take more photographs. We hope to have finished later this year, and surely we will keep you posted.
What else? Our images and writing were published in recent editions of RealLife magazine (Cayman Islands), and Pin-Up magazine from New York. RealLife will also use some of our garden photography in their next issue.  I was also asked to write an article on technical aspects of portrait photography for one of Canadian e-zines. I will post link to it, once it is published.

From less official kind of news, I can perhaps mention that in last several weeks, to refresh my eye and skills, I participated in several studio portrait sessions, here in Victoria. I found it fun and creative, giving me an additional angle to my work. All that was organized with use of Model Mayhem  site, which I find extremely useful for professional  networking, selecting teams, and exchanging photo ideas.
I post here a few different images from these sessions, most of which took place in  Villa Marco Polo – an elegant boutique hotel in Victoria.

Hope you enjoy these images – and if you do – please click “share” or “like” so your friends may also have a look!  Thanks for checking our news, and stay tuned – until next time!

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