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Interesting Times

Our tropical garden matures quickly

Long gone are days when people would ask us – “you moved to the Caribbean? You are not afraid of hurricanes?” Now it would be more accurate to ask anyone – “Aren’t you afraid of being alive these days?” With shocking number of massive floods, monstrous wildfires, devastating winds, droughts, and other natural disasters happening simultaneously around the globe – our hurricanes – even terrible ones – kinda fade away. If you add to it global pandemic problems, idiotic wars being fought, mess created by incompetence of many nations’ leaders, and other such man-inflicted dubious pleasures – in balance I’d rather have a hurricane here in the Caribbean than experience anything else what’s on this current global offer.

Red Ginger Torch in our garden

So, here we are, trying to make our way through all that life is throwing at us. In the meantime we work a lot in our garden and do some freelance projects. A video filming for Word Peace Organization (HWPL), some more video work for Dominica Tourism Ministry – Work in Nature program, photographs and video for Kempinski Resort and Spa, and so on, and so on.

Cabritz Resort and Spa Kempinski, Dominica. One of my recent shoots.

Working on a larger project – couple of videos promoting Dominica at Tourism Expo in Dubai – while frequently interrupted by COVID, been mostly great fun too. I also just started work for a very large production, filming weather for one of biggest TV producers – but i can’t say anything more about it until it is finished.

Night sky after tropical storm.

Surely, this is not all we are doing. We try hard to support the impressive local St Nicholas Animal Rescue and Shelter – the only shelter in Dominica, run by an amazing doctor giving all her energy and knowledge to this cause. So, we try to assist, be it with photography and video, or other required tasks, as it is not easy. Somehow in the Caribbean most people don’t give a damn about animals, cruelty, and other such things. Going to church on Sundays seems to be enough, and following with everyday goodness is not necessary. The famous “One Love” preached by many in the Caribbean, seems more of a subject for smart discussions than a fact of everyday life. So, it is very few of us trying to really make difference for suffering animals. If you wish to know more (I recommend it, quite impressive) – check these links: Facebook and their Website. If you are in position to be a sponsor or to donate – it would go a long way too.

A dog badly injured with cutlass. With his back paralyzed, he now walks thanks to intensive acupuncture therapy.

While I am proud that we are among these few helping the Animal Rescue, I also continue with my other work.
What gives me pleasure and strength is filming of nature for myself, to create these short videos I am posting for almost two years. Spending time alone or with Margaret in wilderness, focusing on nature’s beauty, hiking – it is a therapy for me. And, I try to pass this therapy in form of ready videos, to take YOUR mind off the hard situation, to give you a few moments of pleasure and relax.
So, here is my latest video for your viewing pleasure.

And, if you enjoy this one, make sure to check my Youtube Channel and watch other videos from this series. I do hope these will give you some moments of viewing pleasure. We all need such moments to survive the “interesting times” we are experiencing recently. Stay strong and safe!

Well, enough talk, I need to do some more of plant photography in our tropical garden. Until next time, Margaret says Hello! Cheers!

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