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Printing process..

Ever wondered how the printing is done? Book pages are printed on huge sheets of paper, 16 pages per sheet. They are spread in a funny way – which at first look does not make any sense – pages are totally mixed!
Only after everything is cut and assembled, pages fall in their places properly.

Our book is in final stages of printing, and all pages are finely printed on these big sheets – ready for cutting. Have a look and see how it looks like now…
’till next time!

first reactions…

We have some early reactions to our book. Here they are:
Sir Martin Taylor from UK commented on our work:

“It is a very special pleasure for me to recommend this book: my family have been in the eastern Caribbean since the 1820’s, and my wife and I have a lovely home in Grenada – although we do not spend anything like as much time in it is as we would wish! The hugely varied and individual buildings are one of the most striking features of life in the Caribbean. This book captures their vibrant colours, the wide variety of cultural heritages and the many different architectural styles. The authors’ passion for the Caribbean shines though on every page. The character of the lightly written stories, combined with the superb photography, creates a light and joyful reading experience full of the Caribbean sun.
Sir Martin Taylor FRS

and, Lane Pettigrew, acclaimed, awarded architect with offices in Miami and Caribbean locations, wrote:
“I have been impressed with your photographs and your passion for Caribbean architecture.
I think they are amazing. Every single one of them. Congratulations.
I see this as a cultural book full of great photographs which sits proudly on any coffee table.”
Lane Pettigrew RIBA LPA International Inc.

We hope you will enjoy our book too! 🙂
Cheers and until next time!

Another sample photo for your enjoyment…

Hello again!
As our book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean is being printed, I would like to share with you a photo from it. From one of 31 chapters – each of them very different in character – and shows an amazing place on St Lucia – Jade Mountain. A fine boutique hotel near famous twin volcanic mountains – The Pitons.
I hope you will enjoy!


P.s. Yes, these colours are real! amazong, how dense colors you can see in the Caribbean sometimes!

Our first book goes to print now, and we are quite happy about the process. It was really busy year with long field trips to various locations, setup of our office, negotiations with several book distributors, book printers, you name it! But – it looks like the hardest set-up part is already done, and in about 6 weeks we should have our first title ready for distribution!
We signed contract with a very good international book distributor, and look forward to see our titles in many book stores in North America, Caribbean, and Europe.

We will work on distribution to other countries and continents progressively.

It is also time to start layout design of our next title “Tropical Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean”.
But – it is a different story…
For now, we will keep you posted about progress of this book, and other related news.
Ah, one more thing – Lex – our photo tech consultant will share with you soon some of really valuable tips and recommendations related to fine photography – recommendations which also helped to improve our work! Stay tuned, and thanks for your visit!

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