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some more good news? Here it is…

I just learned it myself a few minutes ago, and share it with you…

Our book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean just won the Benjamin Franklin Awards 2010! One of the most prestigious awards for excellence in book publishing! It was just announced during a gala ceremony in New York!
That is on top of this book being among finalists (in top three) in Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2010!

So far so good, we are humbled by this news, and thank you all for your support!
more – later!

Good news!

I wanted to write again for quite a while, but as I was visiting our printers in China i noticed some websites were blocked from there, and i couldn’t access some of my photos i wanted to post.
Well, i am back, happy, and got some great photos.

But first – I want to share with you some good, last minute news!
Our book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean was nominated a top finalist for Eric Hoffer Book Award 2010 (among the top three!).
And it is also finalist – again in top three – at one of the most prestigious book competitions – Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, with the #1 winner to be announced in just two days from now, during the gala evening in New York.
We feel really honoured by both these nominations – it is amazing to know that our very first book went so high on the way to such prestigious awards.

OK, and now some more update on our work. Right after return from our Caribbean trip I went to ShenZhen, China, to meet our printers and discuss some technical issues to make sure our next book is printed with even higher quality.

All went really well, trip was smooth, via Hong Kong (very convenient and quick way to get to ShenZhen).
My hotel was amazing, and is worthy high recommendation. It was ShenZhen Shanghai hotel, in one of main districts of ShenZhen, very conveniently located. Really decent rooms, and staff going out of their way to make sure all is OK and I had no trouble during my stay. Amazing! Thank you, Shanghai Hotel!

Being rather busy, I managed to squeeze some time for photography, and I post here couple of pics I did in an old town in Luohu district. It is a magical place, you just go behind modern skyscrapers and got transferred in time, landing in an old, tiny village with an amazing market.
If you ever go to ShenZhen, ask around how to get there – quite a trip!

I also post here a photo of me with our printing partners, with our proof for next book. What a nice people! Dynamic, young and smart team. I am so glad we work together with them.
We are quite happy on this photo – no wonder, the proof turned to be spectacular! We all look forward to see the ready book soon…

And now we are just finishing all material for this new book “Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean”, it should go to print soon. It better does – another book waits in line for our attention… Stay tuned for more news soon!

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