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Exotic Gardens book…

Exotic Gardens book is already in printing! It should be now just about 5 weeks, before the cargo arrive in our warehouse.
At the same time we quickly decided to publish a calendar, highlighting some of the fine places in Barbados we visited. Stay tuned, we plan to organize give-away of this calendar for our blog readers.
It will arrive in the same shipment, so check back to get a limited edition, art photo calendar!

Another pleasant news: today we received official comments of jurors judging our book at the Benjamin Franklin Award 2010.
We were stunned to see that we received maximum high score in all judged elements of book publishing.
On top of that, an attached comment on our book was amazingly favourable, and I would like to share it with you.
The comment is:
“Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean radiates drama, color,
excitement, passion. From the cover to the last page, a reader is held captive to
the brilliant beauty of the bright sun, the robust colors, and strong designs of the
sea, the home, the rooms, the furnishings, and the gardens.
In most books, the high contrast of all these elements would be overwhelming.
Here, though, due to the subject matter and the unrelieved use of them, they
work. In other words, the rules of book design have not just been broken but
smashed—and the result is a powerful flow of images and contrasts that play off
one another. The flamboyance works to great effect. Everything shouts out
exuberance, and you can hear it shout, “come, join me.”
And we do.
Congratulations to the publisher on a wonderful design.

Many thanks to all jurors and organizers of this Award.
Until next time! Cheers!

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