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New Photo Art Series with Michael Ward…

No Nirvana

Only a quick post today, to share with you some of my newest images.
I delivered to our customer  all images from our latest Caribbean location work, and just had a moment to think about my own portfolio.

While preparing print selection for an art photography exhibition due later this year, I was approached by Michael Ward – a seasoned, professional model – one of the most acclaimed artists’ models around. (Some of you may remember my Knight of Might photos, with Michael in full body armour).
He suggested to create a new series of images as a duo with a young, talented model Daniel Corbett from Victoria. The concept was to use some body painting to create  strong mood and visual impact for this series.

Cracking Memories

It is always a pleasure to work with Michael, and such series could add some interesting art-oriented material for this upcoming exhibition. Without much wait we decided on details of the shoot, and just did it a few days ago. Body painting was commissioned to Alecia Repp from Vancouver, Michael brought to the shoot his dedicated assistant (also photographer and model) – Tegan Bown, and we started our work (which actually was quite fun too).

Split Fears

I wanted to create two opposite characters for this series, two totally clashing personalities. Therefore Michael was covered with grey clay, while Daniel’s look was sparkly and vibrant.

Duality of Mind

Both creations were so impressive that besides of photographing them as a duo, I also did solo shots for both of them. I love these solo shots, and I am not sure if I like more the duo, or not.

Apollo in Me

I will pick some of these new images for that mentioned photo exhibition, and will also add them to my selection of art works for sale at the Gallery Vibrante.

What do YOU think? Do you prefer solo, or duo images?
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Thanks for stoppling by, cheers!

Rain Dance

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