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Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean book featured in radio shows

Today were invited to take a part in two radio talk shows (each one 30 minutes), sharing our stories with thousands of listeners of Garden Rebel radio talk show (Vince Sims at WOKV Florida), and also  “Bob Tanem in the Garden” show (KSFO560 San Francisco area).
Both shows are hosted by renowned garden experts, who today focused on our new book, giving us two enthusiastic  thumbs up.

You can find here excepts from today’s Garden Rebel talk show
and here is  blog by the Garden Rebel – Vince Sims.
We were nicely surprised to hear during the show that, some years ago  Vince knew the legendary botanist of the Caribbean, Iris Bannochie. We know well the garden she established in Barbados,  leaving it as a gift to the people of Barbados in her testament. It is profiled in our book, and is called Andromeda Gardens. To hear that they closely knew each other,  exchanged various plants, and discussed gardening was a delightful surprise to us.

Bob Tanem commented on various plants of the Caribbean region, and it was great to hear his professional comments, as well as some fascinating historical information he added to the show.

We would like to thank both hosts for the chance of talking about our book, and for their enthusiastic comments on our work! Another talk show (CBS radio in Los Angeles) is scheduled for next week.

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