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Photo Exhibition -Opening Reception News

Our Photography Exhibition, called ”At Home ­ Wherever Your Heart Takes You”, is now open in downtown Vancouver at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, at 1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 1600, Vancouver, BC Canada. (more details here)

The Opening Reception was hugely enjoyable and fun. We were happy to see a sizeable number of guests — and we thank them all for coming. Some of them were friends, others ­ artists, connoisseurs, gallery goers, and also media. The cheerful, congenial atmosphere, created by Polish Consul General, Krzysztof Czapla, our gracious host, added to the joyful air of festivity and excitement.

Both authors (Derek Galon and Lex Nowak) received very favourable comments on their works.
We heard many gratifying expressions of praise from our guests about the artistic aspects of our photography and the unusual locations. But the comment most frequently heard was the tremendous surprise at the amazing technical quality of our photographs. Some guests simply said they wouldn’t have thought it possible to achieve such dynamics in colour and sharpness, and to include so much detail, typically not present in shaded areas or highlights.

Since we always strive to push quality levels ever higher and higher, such comments confirmed that our countless hours of hard work are obviously  paying off… Many pictures on display were originally used in our two Caribbean books ­ Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean, and Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean. Therefore both books were also displayed for our guests to enjoy and browse.
At the end of the reception, three lucky winners received colorful “Caribbean Highlights” wall calendars – our latest production.  Everybody greatly enjoyed the evening, sipping refreshments, discussing photography and our two Caribbean books.  We also made some new friends, which is always a pleasure.

And so, we would like once more to thank all our guests for coming, and to express our most grateful thanks to Consul Czapla and his fantastic staff for making it all possible and so wonderful!

The Exhibition continues until January 4th, 2011, during Consulate opening hours.

Here is a link to more photographs from the opening reception for you to enjoy.
Thank you!

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