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Greetings from our Caribbean tour

We are touring the Caribbean again, going through several countries – St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, Honduras… you name it…
This time our photography and interviews bring us to places designed by a prominent Caribbean architect whose amazong works will be the subject of our third Caribbean book. The title (at least the working title) is The Caribbean Architect, and we believe it will be a fantastic and unusual book. Stay tuned!

The sun is hot, weather tough for photography, as we are witnessing here the worst draught in decades. Usually lush St Lucia is covered with smoke of bush fires, and all plants are yellow, suffering badly. The woter supply on the island is limited. The dull haze always covers the horizon, making all landscape photography very difficult. Still, we are visiting some of the most amazing places worthy the extra effort in photo editing.

So, I would like to show you couple of quick photos from our current locations. The Hibiscus villa is a jewel of traditional Caribbean style, covered with fantastic gingerbread ornamentation. it is a fiesta for the eye. We just photographed it yesterday, while two days ago we did Le Sport, an amazingly elegant, health-oriented resort north of Castries in St Lucia. The photo shows the Moorish style entrance to the spa.

We all hope you will enjoy these photos, and send you greetings from the beautiful Caribbean. I will post some more news we go…
Derek, Margaret, Lex
creative team of Ozone Zone Books.

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