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We wanted to go there for years. But as it often happens – it was so close, so easy to go (perhaps too close and too easy) – that we postponed it over and over, always travelling and going places far away.
At last, this weekend we went to see the gardens and studio of Chosin Pottery Studio (Metchosin Road, greater Victoria). I really had to take a break from editing my Caribbean photographs from our recent trip and I really needed something fresh and new. So, we went and had an enchanting morning – so close to home, but did feel like we were exploring unknown lands.

  The gardens are open to public by donation, and welcomed us with some surprising accents, reminding us that the owners, artists – are masters of pottery and ceramic works.

Here and there you’ll find some ceramic mushrooms, imaginary faces or masks, zen inspired finishings of hand rails or fences, and other intriguing, fine decorations. There are many Japanese touches which are clearly connected to the style of studio’s pottery heavily influenced by best Japanese traditions.

Chosin Pottery garden has lots of charm and is definitely a great spot for photographers. Perhaps it is past its finest years and would do with some TLC, but it’s current state has also lots of character and lots to offer.

We spent a good hour enjoying this fine place, and I really recommend it to fellow photographers – it is an excellent location. Surely, I recommend it to anyone who wants to relax in fine surroundings, and enjoy a great garden with a fine gallery experience.

At the end, we stepped into the studio located in one of simple but attractive pavilions, and were greeted by really charming Ms. Judi Dyelle – owner and artist.

Her ceramic works are absolutely fabulous. If you like zen inspired Japanese arts, you will love her creations. Also her husband’s works were worth seeing, and we consider purchasing some of these fine pieces.

We returned home happy and refreshed, and would like to thank  Ms. Dyelle and Mr. Robin Hopper for a really fine weekend morning.

You should go there too, you owe it to yourself…

Here is link to their site I found on line:
Until next time. Cheers!

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