Personal blog of Derek and Margaret, now living in Dominica, W.I., founders of Ozone Zone – an Independent Canadian book publisher specializing in coffee table books of architectural treasures and lush gardens. We also promote fine artistic photography. This blog contains unofficial reports and comments from our various trips, photo sessions and jobs – an unofficial scrapbook of our travels, explorations and photo-related work. See “about” for more.

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver
invites you to the opening reception of Photography Exhibition by Derek Galon and Lex Nowak

Thursday, 2nd of December 2010, 4pm to 5:30pm
Exhibition continues until 4th of January 2011
1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 1600 , Vancouver, BC Canada

This unique exhibition presents selected works of two Polish-born photographers:
Derek Galon and Lex Nowak. They constitute the photographic core of the award-winning team of Ozone Zone Books, a Victoria publishing company specializing in photo books of architectural treasures and lush gardens in remote, often hard-to-access places.
Derek’s pictures in this presentation come mostly from two recent publications:
Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean and Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean but are also complemented by examples of some other, including much earlier, works.
Derek and Lex immigrated to Canada in the late eighties, trying not only to adapt to, but also to actually feel at home in their new country. Frequent moves and extensive travels soon helped them to realize that the real home is where your heart is. You can always find
some familiar features in a foreign landscape that you can relate to:
a particular combination of forms, lines or colours that evoke in you emotive responses. You can also identify recognizable expressions on faces of people you see for the first time, giving you a feeling that you have known them all your life. You can feel at home in many places
when you open your heart to what you see.
Derek and Lex have been collaborating closely for many years.
Derek’s education in fine arts gave him flamboyancy and a sometimes eccentric point of view, while Lex’s engineering background taught him precision and technical perfection. As they do much work together, often exchanging experiences, all these characteristics  can be found in the works of each. Derek’s and Lex’s photographs capture elusive and transitory
moments in carefully selected images of their choice, as seen through the keen and sensitive vision of the artist who beholds them. From Derek’s black & white portraits of classical music legends, through vivid and sunny Caribbean delights, to Lex’s soft and mellow landscapes of British Columbia or wide and impressive panoramas – these images have restorative powers to uplift our souls and open our hearts to the natural beauty of our world wherever we may decide our home is.
– Margaret Gajek
WIN a free copy of Limited Edition Photo Wall Calendar 2011 “Caribbean Highlights” at the Opening Reception.
A draw for three calendars (the latest product by Ozone Zone Books) will be held at 5pm.

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