Personal blog of Derek and Margaret, working in Dominica, W.I. founders of Ozone Zone – an Independent Canadian book publisher specializing in coffee table books of architectural treasures and lush gardens. We also promote fine artistic photography. This blog contains unofficial reports and comments from our various trips, photo sessions, and jobs – an unofficial scrapbook of our travels, explorations and photo-related work. See “about” for more.

Already back!

We are already back, sorting photographs, organizing hours of recorded interviews, and getting ready for next stage of our work. Now i am just sneaking out for a week to China, to meet with our fantastic printers and discuss technical details of printing our Gardens book.

I am also going to tell them good news: Our book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean has been nominated one of THREE top finalists (coffee table books category) in the prestigious book award in USA – Benjamin Franklin Book Awards!
In less than a month we will know if it takes Grand Prix or not – but in any case it is a reason to celebrate! I bet they will be same happy as we are!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a photo we did on one of last days of our long, Caribbean trip. In Honduras we visited some really interesting spots, among them – Guanaja – small, practically pristine island with coral reefs and beautiful nature. What’s interesting – there are no roads, and all traffic is by boat. Main town on the island is located about 500 meters away from the island – on the water! It is seated on a patch of land, and makes a tiny island on its own. All gas stations, shops, a hotel, etc. – are there, in that water-town. We did some aerial photography, and I selected for you the view of that unusual town.
You can see in upper corner the shore of Guanaja island, and in the center – this watertown, with a gas station nearby, just a bit below on a small reef…
Looks amazing, isn’t it? I hope you enjoy.

I will try to post something from China, but i can’t promise – will be quite busy.

Cheers! Have to run, going to airport in 15 minutes…

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