Personal blog of Derek and Margaret, working in Dominica, W.I. founders of Ozone Zone – an Independent Canadian book publisher specializing in coffee table books of architectural treasures and lush gardens. We also promote fine artistic photography. This blog contains unofficial reports and comments from our various trips, photo sessions, and jobs – an unofficial scrapbook of our travels, explorations and photo-related work. See “about” for more.

Easter in Panama

After our week-long photo-shoot in Jamaica, we spend the Easter Sunday in Panama City, awaiting connection to Honduras.
Jamaica was busy, quite busy indeed. We had to photograph there several resorts, including some famous “all inclusive” super-clubs.
Much noise, lots of people, plenty of activities around – not the easiest setup for architecture photography.
From many various resorts we visited (including Hedonism II), our most favourite one is the Sunset Negril resort. Located in the most West part of Jamaica, it has nice surroundings, and has the most privacy. It is set in a tropical jungle-like surroundings, with song birds around you, beautiful flowers, etc.
Hidden between lush plants wooden cottages are equipped nicely, but have the matching character of simplicity without pretence. A perfect spot to unwind in a friendly atmosphere, close to nature (and a perfect sandy beach!) with good food and simply AMAZING service. Yes, the service there gets our maximum rate, as it is simply unmatched in our experience. We can only wish such quality service is offered in Canada.
This is really a place one may want to return to.
Thank you Sunset at the Palms (in Negril) for your hospitality!

I post here couple of photos from Sunset in Negril, Jamaica. You can see nice open spaces offering fresh breeze near reception and bar, and surrounded directly by lush tropical plants, and on another pic – traditional Caribbean ceiling of the open-walls restaurant…

Other Sunsets have also an amazing service, although these places (Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, and Sunset Montego Bay) have a bit different character. Well, I guess the quality must be the signature of their owner and management…

OK, time to pack and soon to go to airport – Honduras is our next stop…
Until next time, Happy Easter!

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  1. I thought I would let you know that I nominated your blog for a "best blog by a company" Mouse and Trowel award! I still need to order one of your books to my store… I can't wait to check them out.

  2. Thank you for your comment and kind words. We hope you will like our books, all the best to you. We are just finishing our trip with last Honduras stop, and go back to Canada via Salvador and Mexico. I will post more travel pics soon.Cheers,Derek

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